According to Daily Candy, there’s a new ice-cream parlour in Covent Garden – and it has gluten free ice-cream cones!

The list of flavours is long and scrumptious, and the photos look gorgeous. If you’re not into ice cream, you could have a sorbet or a granita … or just a coffee in the cafe. They even have some sugar free versions.

Scoop is the name of the ice-cream store, and not only does it sell gluten free ice cream in gluten free cones, you can have it delivered – as long as you live in Central London. The store is at 40 Shorts Gardens, and can be contacted on 0207 2407086.

Note to self: order more gluten free ice-cream cones and consider moving house …

Update 2012 (Five years later!)

Gluten Free OMG tells us that gluten free icecream cones are no longer available at Scoop. How very disappointing! I do hope it’s temporary.

(Sorry, GF-OMG, I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it wouldn’t let me for some odd technical reason… Thanks for the update!)