For the first time, coeliac disease is becoming main-stream … main-stream enough for a writer about football (soccer, if you’re across the water) to mention it in passing on one of the Yahoo channels.

They’re talking about whether or not McClaren should remain in charge of the England football team next summer (you don’t need to know the ins and outs – trust me on this), and say:

Currently over 70% of you don’t want him anywhere near the England team next summer – making him about as popular as a hot bowl of Penne at a Coeliac disease fund raiser.

I am actually really pleased to see this. I know its only very mildly funny (and yes, it might be gluten free penne) but the fact that coeliac disease is becoming familiar enough that a football commentator might use it as a simile and expect that his audience will understand it is great. At last, people are beginning to get it …