Having been entertained by the idea of the Alphabet Eating Challenge, which I came across at Playlibrary, I thought I’d see if I could create a gluten free alphabet. Not that I’m going to eat them all at the same time.

We often play A-Z in the car – the idea is that you pick a category and then take it in turns to name an item in that category, going through the alphabet. We often use foods as a category – though we haven’t identified a proper X either!

So – food that is naturally gluten free …

A – apples, of course, and almonds, avocado and amaranth (either as a grain or as a flour)

B – bananas, blueberries, broccoli and brazils (what a lot of superfoods begin with B)

C – carrots, chickpeas, cucumber and chestnuts, but also corn, which is useful as a flour

D – dairy products – but check any additions – dates, duck and dulse

E – eggs, endive and eggplant (known as aubergine here)

F – fish, fruit and fowl (but don’t add gluten in the sauces)

G – globe artichokes, grapes, ginger and garlic

H – herbs of every variety, horseradish, honey and hummous

I – iceberg lettuce, ice lollies and icecream (but check for additions)

J – jerusalem artichokes, jams, jelly and (pure) juices

K – kale, kelp and kholrabi, kiwi fruit and kidney beans

L – lentils are a useful source of protein for vegetarian coeliacs (and so are other pulses). Also lemons, lettuce, lamb and lobster

M – marzipan is gluten free, but more importantly, so are millet and maize, mushrooms and meat (watch out for sauces on your meat, though)

N – nuts – all of them, whether whole or ground. Also (pure) nutmeg, nectarines and nasturtium flowers!

O – olives, octopus, okra and oregano (and all other fresh herbs). Increasingly people believe that pure oats may be GF, too.

P – pulses (lentils, beans, peas), plums and potatoes

Q – quinoa, a useful carbohydrate, and also quince

R – rice, in all its many forms (fragrant Thai, risotto rice, American long grain, pudding …), raisins and raspberries

S – sago (but not semolina, which is made from wheat), squid, soya and sorghum, as well as seaweed and (pure) spices

T – tapioca and teff, tofu and treacle

U – um … apart from from ugli fruit and umeboshi, I’m struggling with U

V – vine leaves, vanilla, (wine) vinegar and violets – and all vegetables

W – whisky and wine! Do these count? … OK, how about watermelon, walnuts and whortleberries?

X – xanthan gum. Very useful as a gluten replacement!

Y – yeast is gluten free – and so are yams

Z – apart from zucchini (known as courgettes here) zante grapes and zinc (as a food supplement) I give up!

What can you add?