wooden spoon gift from GeniusIn the interests of full disclosure, I should let you know that I received this charming wooden spoon from Genius (who make one of the new gluten free breads), just before Christmas.

Isn’t it fab? Doesn’t it make you want to smile too?

I wasn’t the only one to receive such a gift, though I don’t know what the criteria were. I assumed it was because I’ve mentioned them a couple of times on this blog.

It seems to me that this is an ideal ‘corporate gift’ from a gluten free company to a customer or blogger in that it is:

  • small but surprising – it was unexpected, and the children and I laughed with delight when it arrived
  • low-priced, so I’m unlikely to be particularly swayed in my view of Genius, or embarrassed into supporting something I don’t agree with
  • but with genuine value – in that we will use it, rather than it sit on my desk
  • and targeted to the recipient. As someone who cooks gluten free, I do need to bake and cook from scratch more than perhaps the average mother might.

All this matters, and Genius did well to bear all this in mind. Thank you!