OK, so like me you’re wondering why on earth there’s gluten in mandarin jelly… There isn’t, of course, but due to a packing error, some packs of Sainsbury’s own brand Mandarin Jelly contain Mandarin Royale (a bit like trifle, with sponge cake at the bottom and cream on top), but the label still says Mandarin Jelly.

This means that some packs, those with a use-by date of 14 March, might not be gluten free. I’m sure you’d notice the cream on top if not the sponge at the bottom. It’s the sponge, of course, that makes it not OK to eat.

Product identification:

Sainsbury’s Mandarin Jelly 172g – (chilled dessert packed in individual, single portion packs)
Use by: 14 March 2010

For more information see the Food Standards Agency.

Sainsbury’s has withdrawn the batch from sale and put up a notice in store to tell consumers. If you’ve bought this product, check it carefully. It might be Mandarin Jelly, as it says on the packet – but it might be Mandarin Royale. Take it back to the store, and they’ll refund your money.

Don’t eat it!