Have you been reading about the sale of a part of Numico? Did you have any idea what it meant?

No, nor did I until today.

Numico isn’t exactly a high street name – but these are (if you are a coeliac): Dr Schar, Nutrition Point, Dietary Specials, Trufree and Glutafin.

It turns out that what all the press releases have been saying is that Dr Schar has bought Glutafin and Trufree from Numico. This means that Nutrition Point, whose parent company is Dr Schar, will add Trufree and Glutafin to their Dietary Specials range, giving them three – rather different – product ranges in the UK and Ireland. Glutafin products will become available in Europe.

I hope this means that all the ranges – including the Schar range – will continue to be available here, and that it doesn’t mean consolidation of the ranges, with the result that we have less to choose from. Especially if its our favourites that get eliminated! I’m sure we’re not alone in picking and choosing our favourites from across the market and we’re not loyal to one brand. We have enough restricted choice in the first place, without losing any more variety.