I know … some of those purpose made gluten free products do seem to have a lot of calories in!

Many people lose weight before diagnosis (though not all!) and then put weight back on quickly, once they’ve switched to a gluten free diet. This is because the body starts to absorb nourishment where it couldn’t before. My malnourished one year old rapidly looked like a little podge once she started eating again. We put this down to a famine response, and decided her body was piling on the pounds before the food supply disappeared – she soon slimmed down and is now a beautifully svelte twelve year old.
The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted a new ad in my sidebar for the FitBug*

This seems like a really nifty idea to me. Seven years ago, I did WeightWatchers, and probably I ought to be going back. Actually, there is no ‘probably’ about this. I should lose some weight.

WeightWatchers worked well for me, and the key was the regular check, and knowing that I had to report my progress to someone! But it is quite expensive, or would be until I got back to my goal weight. FitBug is cheaper …

The Bug is a clever pedometer which plugs into your computer so you can update the FitBug site with your information. Every Monday, FitBug will email you a progress report setting exercise targets for the week and a healthy eating plan. And this plan is targeted for you, so if you need a gluten free diet – or are vegan, diabetic or lactose intolerant – your eating plan will cater for this!

FitBug will send you text/email messages to keep you going – and there are members pages with information, forums and challenges to help you, so you can find a community to help you get back to a healthy lifestyle.

I do think this looks like a good idea. We all know that we should eat less and exercise more, and that walking is good for you. I seem to spend my life at my desk at the moment, despite having a gym membership, and could do with adding more activity to my life.

Is there anyone else out there who could do with a bit of motivation? How about this … I’ll post my progress regularly. Feel free to join in: comment, add your own target, share your progress, beat me up if I lose motivation. So – will you be my coach?

My target: lose 14 lbs. Starting point: 144 lbs. Realistically, this could be done in two months, but is more likely to take at least three, maybe four. Starting … NOW!

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