If you’re travelling in the South West of England, and should be anywhere near Exeter, it looks like this place – the Halfway Inn near Sidmouth – would be worth checking out.

They do bed and breakfast and have a gluten free menu for dinner as well as breakfast. And it sounds as if they understand the issues involved – and are prepared to provide substitutions where appropriate.

Also, they are clearly interested in supporting local food producers, which I think is fantastic. Their meat comes from a local butcher who knows where his meat comes from, and it is within 4 miles of his shop (4 miles!); and they also have at least one local ale. And nine different ciders available.

Now, if only this was as near to me as the cows are to the butcher … Exeter is a long long drive from here, but I will bear it in mind for a future trip.

If anyone has visited it, please let us know what it was like – thanks!