If you are diagnosed as requiring a gluten free diet, you should be able to get some basic gluten free staples on prescription here in the UK. These include: bread, flour, pasta, pizza bases, crackers and a few sweet biscuits. This isn’t the full range of goods available in the UK – there are more foods available in supermarkets, healthfood stores and online – but these can be expensive, and having gluten free food available on prescription does mean that gluten free food is available to all.

The list of what foodstuffs are available on prescription is maintained by the Prescription Pricing Authority, and it does change from time to time. Liga foods, and those from Mrs Leeper and Saravee seem to have been taken off the list recently. As you may know, Wellfoods was added to the list last year. In some other cases, individual items are removed from the list, possibly because the manufacturer has decided to stop making them. For example, until recently canned bread was still available on the prescribable list.

You can see the list at the PPA site, or here on the Free From site.

You will need to pay for prescribed goods in most situations – in my next post, we’ll look at free or low-cost prescriptions.