The Morning Advertiser has the following:

Hambleton Ales is targeting health-conscious drinkers with a gluten-free lager.

Newcomer GFL joins the brewer’s Gluten Free Ale, or GFA, which it introduced last February. The brewer hopes to tap into the market serving consumers with food intolerances, which industry researcher Mintel says is worth £90m a year.

Hambleton said it had high hopes for GFL, its boldest challenge to more mainstream brands. Brewery owner Nick Stafford said: “It’s vital to target women, both as drinkers and shoppers. We were delighted by their response to our research and now we can widen the appeal of our gluten-free range, especially to younger men and women, through GFL.”

GFL is described as having a full and fruity character, finishing with bitterness and citrus flavour. The 4.8% abv beer comes in 500ml bottles, carries the Coeliac Society logo, and costs £2.79.

All we need to know now, is where it is stocked. When I’ve found some, we’ll do a taste test and let you know what we think.