I may be late to the party here, but I’ve only just come across the Celiac Handbook site.

In case there’s anyone else who doesn’t already know it: this looks like a great resource.

It lists restaurants that provide gluten free food in countries across the world – so if you were visiting a country, it would give you some ideas for where to eat out – and, perhaps almost more useful, gives a list of supermarkets in different countries that stock gluten free food as well as links to the coeliac society for many countries.

The supermarket section is mostly US-based, and could do with some expansion (I can think of a couple of supermarkets in Spain that aren’t included, for instance – Supercor, Mercadona and Iranzo all stock gluten free food) but is a great start, and would be very helpful if you were visiting the States. As far as the UK goes, it lists Sainsbury’s, which does indeed have a good Free From section, but none of the others which have a Free From section (Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose, Asda). But Sainsbury’s is the best for gluten free, so perhaps they’re just going for quality!

I was disappointed to find that there were no restaurants listed near me (but not at all surprised, as I don’t actually know of any myself) – nor is there a listing for the celiac society for Greece, the country we’re visiting next week. This may be that there isn’t one – the Coeliac Youth of Europe site doesn’t list one either – and Greece is a country where it is very easy to eat gluten free. Perhaps Greece doesn’t have significant numbers of coeliacs?

I shall definitely be logging this site as a useful source of information, and suggest that if you haven’t already visited, that you should pop over and have a look.