Microbe Magic

Do you need to explain the digestive system to your coeliac child?

A new site for primary school age children
(4-11) has been launched by the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC), which is a scientific research centre, based at University College, Cork.

Its about microbes, not specifically about the digestive system, though it does talk about it and in about the right level of detail, I think, for children. It talks about the importance of the villi, though not about coeliac disease.

If you wanted to explain about the way your body digests food (from top to bottom, as it were) this site will help!

It also covers other aspects of the body, and healthy living, with games and quizzes.

Microbe Magic

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Lucy is the mother of a coeliac, and has been managing a gluten free diet for her daughter for 20 years - though, to be fair, she does do most of it herself now...

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