A long, long time ago, when I was first recruited by a major consulting firm, and sent to Chicago for training, it wasn’t possible to get vegetarian food at the canteen. Even the potatoes had ham in them. (The ham, in particular, seemed bizarre for a multinational, multicultural company). So I went – with another raw recruit – to ask the catering manager why they didn’t offer any vegetarian food. His answer: “Because there is no demand for it”.

Er … here we are, demanding it …

This is relevant because I have been trying to track down Moilas Pizzas, which we used to order online in batches of 6-8 (they arrive frozen). My daughter really enjoyed the Vegetariana ones, though they do come with a variety of toppings.
Moilas Pizza
Moilas are a Finnish company which produces a range of gluten free products, such as bread, muffins and pizza, most of which are really pretty good. And the Vegetariana pizza is outstanding – I’d say it was my favourite, gluten-free or not-gluten-free, except that it doesn’t have anchovies … (yes, I do eat fish these days, and can add my own).

But none of my usual suppliers have any, and haven’t had for ages. Word on the street is that Moilas no longer import them into the UK because we don’t like them. Because there isn’t the demand. I find this very odd indeed, as I know that they are the favourites of many people who use the gluten free message board. Did they ask us? We want pizza!

Sadly, I haven’t had an email back from Moilas to explain why they’ve removed this wonderful pizza.

Still, the Finland Tourist Board should be pleased – Finland is now my coeliac daughter’s dream holiday destination.