smalldoctor.jpgCoeliac daughter went for her annual checkup yesterday. Usually, they weigh and measure her, ask about eating, sleeping and her digestive functions (using the ‘poo chart‘). They check up on development and general health, check her fingernails and skin, and feel her tummy for ‘lumps and bumps’. Finally, they organise blood tests and a bone age scan.

That’s how it has been for the last 10 years. This year her paediatrician was so pleased with her health that we’ve been allowed to skip the blood tests and scan. Daughter is thrilled to bits – she hates the blood tests.

I asked the paediatrician – who was new to us – a couple of questions:

1. would she recommend a gluten challenge?

When coeliac daughter was diagnosed, the doctors were recommending a gluten challenge once her health had stabilised and before she reached puberty. Since then, as she’s seen a number of different doctors, it has become clear that this was no longer seen as necessary. And our new paediatrician very kindly went all the way back through her notes – and she, too, thinks a gluten challenge isn’t necessary.

2. would it be OK for us to add pure oats to the menu?

Recent research has indicated that oats may be acceptable for coeliacs in small doses. And we’ve been given permission to try them out and see. This would broaden our range quite significantly, and if she can tolerate them, would make life just that bit easier. So now I just need to obtain some certified pure oats …

So both daughter and I are very pleased with our day yesterday.

If you have views about either a gluten challenge or oats, please do share – these issues are top of my agenda at the moment.