Now I normally wouldn’t be particularly interested in a beer festival.  Though I have written about gluten free beers several times in the past, I don’t actually drink the stuff.

But this caught my eye today, on Google News:

Apparently there is a Great British Beer Festival going on at the moment, in London (and they timed the Olympics to clash with it?). Not just British beer, but beers from all over the world, with over 750 different brews, including some gluten free beers. I was delighted to note this comment in the press release:

The Bar Unusu-ale hosted organic beers and pints suitable for vegetarians and people with coeliac disease, including brews like Spectrum’s Old Stoatwobbler and Comrade Bill Bartram’s Egalitarian anti-Imperialistic Soviet Stout.

I love the names, don’t you? Old Stoatwobbler … I wonder if that one was gluten free?

Image: sanbeiji at Flickr