This is slightly off-topic, but I’d like to recommend the Sher System for facial skin care if you suffer from rosacea or acne (middle-aged or the usual!). I’ve been using it for a few years now, and I really do think it helps.

The first few days are tricky, and your skin may feel very dry and tight as it gets used to the new regime, but after that it is great. The system is basically a two stage cleanse, a facial oil (multi-action serum) and then a moisturiser. They have a wonderful concealer/healer cream which hides the blemishes while healing them, and they also offer makeup and suncream as well as a few other products. I like the fact that the system is based on water, and I love the facial oil.

It is expensive, I think, but is well worth it, and the bottles do seem to last a long time.

Bizarrely, the short video link on their site seems to be about the ACCA accounting courses, rather than about the skincare product, and the explanatory video I was sent when I started using the skincare system was of poor quality – but don’t be put off. I expect they have a brand new explanatory video/dvd now, and the instructions are straightforward.

Stick with it past the first few days, and you should see an improvement. I know I did …