An extraordinary plotline for a UK hospital soap today, announced in The Sun:

Hayley Tamaddon is … stripper Alison who goes to hospital as she is stuck in her skin-tight PVC nurse’s uniform.

An ITV1 spokeswoman said: “Alison’s stomach has swollen mid-act so she’s stuck in her costume! Then she is diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and needs a bowel biopsy.

“But Alison doesn’t want her expensive outfit cut off until her husband – who doesn’t know she’s a stripper – arrives on the scene! But he’s got a secret too!”

Nice to have exposure for coeliac disease, but this seems a most unlikely route to diagnosis to me. For most people it takes months – usually years – to get a diagnosis. I’ve never heard of anyone diagnosed in A&E before. Yes, I do know this is made-up, but it would be nice if it was a bit more realistic. More likely, the stripper would be wasting away gradually – so, skinny arms and legs, bloated belly, bad skin and look terribly tired – and keep having to leave the stage in a hurry to get to the bathroom …

Anybody out there who had to have their clothes cut off for an emergency diagnosis of coeliac disease? (And a ‘bowel biopsy’?)