You already know we like the Black Farmer products; I’ve talked about them before. They’ve developed some new products, and sent some for us to review.

I assembled my expert team of five teenage meat-eaters (actually, it was a study evening at our house) and tried out the new products on them.

I didn’t describe or name the products at all—I knew that the mention of apple would put at least one of them off—I just asked for comments:

  • Black Farmer Beef Burgers

    “no gross strangly bits or wet stuff”

    You can tell this was a group of teenage testers, can’t you? Normally I buy supermarket brand 100% beef burgers, and hadn’t realised they were a bit gristly, because I don’t eat meat myself. I’m obviously going to have to switch, as these cooked nicely without producing any water or fatty bits…

  • Black Farmer’s Daughter Pork Meatballs; Black Farmer’s Daughter Beef Meatballs

    “it’s all good”

    The beef were slightly preferred (3:2), as the pork ones were apparently a little ‘sausagey’ for some, and the beef ones were slightly chewier and spicier (though not at all hot). One teenager commented on the “gritty bits”… which turned out to be herb stalks! Honestly, teenagers…

  • Black Farmer Pork and Apple Burgers

    “they were great, can we get them again?”

    What can I add to that? I love positive feedback on a meal, almost as much as I like help with the washing-up afterwards.

So will I source these myself, given the responses?

I think it will be worth the effort, and it will be extra trouble, because they are only currently available at Ocado. However, they are on promotion at the moment (til 19 April) and 15% off is worth having, wouldn’t you say?

I wish they were more widely available. Sainsburys, I’m looking at you…

Have you tried these yet? Let us know what you think of them.