My coeliac daughter is going away for a residential trip with school next week – not her first time away from home, so she’ll be fine. One of the other mums asked if we’d packed yet, and I realised I’d been so focused on getting the food right I hadn’t really thought about the rest of the things she’d need yet – the stuff all the other parents were worried about.

We’re sending most of her food with her, because its easier, and I’ll know what she’s eating. I’ve gone through the planned menus with the teacher, and – sure enough – most of the food will be inappropriate for her. Last summer she went away with Active Training and Education, and they did a fantastic job at catering for her gluten free diet, even down to making gluten free pastry so she could have similar food to the others. Gluten free pastry is something I hardly ever make at home … since she went away and discovered pastry, I’ve bought some readymade (yes, I know, very expensive) from Lifestyle, which works well.