Bewitching Elegance CakeBewitching Elegance Cake

Anybody got a celebration coming up?

If you do, you should definitely have a look at the most amazing celebration cakes available from Bewitching Elegance. Diane is a cake artisan specialising in lavish designs using innovative techniques and creates traditional cakes – but also vegan and gluten free ones. Yay, Diane!
Bewitching Elegance Cake
I’m always impressed by people who can produce such beautiful creations. I can bake and ice cakes (I’ve just volunteered to make this year’s Christmas cake for our family gathering of about 25) but I don’t have the skill (or patience, creativity, dexterity …) to come up with anything even half so impressive. My cakes always look homemade!

Do go and look. I particularly like the one with seahorses on, because my fish-mad son would so enjoy it – but they are all astonishing.

Sadly, because cake doesn’t ship well across the Atlantic, we’ll probably never see them. But some of you could …

I have found these wedding cake artists here in the UK, who can provide gluten free cakes, and seem to be working with the same kind of artistry as Diane: Rainbow Sugarcraft and Maisie Fantaisie.

Rainbow Sugarcraft Maisie Fantaisie cake

Now, who do you know who deserves a really special gluten free cake?