Iced Gem cakes are a Brighton based company offering gluten free, lactose free and vegan cakes. We recently tasted the Honey and Almond one, available through Johnsons Dietary Provisions. Iced Gem cakes are also available in stores around Brighton – sadly not remotely local for us, but you can order online from Johnsons Dietary Provisions. Interestingly, if you’re not local to Brighton, the cake will come frozen … works for me.

The Honey and Almond cake was, as marketed, a rich and dense cake, with a very sweet topping of sliced almonds drenched in honey. It was delicious, though perhaps rather a grown-up cake (I did notice that the children in our house were less keen on it than the adults were), and it lasted for several days because it is very rich. Who knows what the calorie count was! I thought the taste similar to that of baklava – though not at all like it in texture, obviously.

We’ll definitely be trying another of the cakes – perhaps the carrot cake next, which comes with the most gorgeous looking carrots on top. Sadly, Daughter Two always suspects me of trying to sneak fruit and vegetables into cakes after I once made a chocolate and banana cake – she wouldn’t touch a vitamin if she could avoid it – so I don’t think she’d consider tasting it.

And Iced Gem will make your wedding cake gluten free too, if you would like. Now that is useful to know – people are always asking about where to get celebration cakes that are suitable for the gluten free diet.

You should have a look at the Iced Gem site, if only to admire the cake decorating skills in the gallery of images!