I’ve been bumbling along, reading gluten free blogs, following up links … and gradually realised that I was visiting a lot of knitting blogs. Very interesting. What on earth could the connection be?

Now, I know that knitting blogs are about as big on the web as Facebook (well, they would be if you added them together) so I thought I’d list some gluten free knitting bloggers here, just for fun.

I used to knit, taught by my mother, but found after a few years (OK, decades!) that it just made my hands ache. I haven’t even successfully handed on the skill to my children yet – so perhaps I’d better get on with it before it’s too late, and too many more decades go by.

In no particular order, your list of gluten free knitters for today is:

  • Sleep Knitting – possibly the longest-standing and best known gluten free knitting blog
  • Fiona’s Knitting – Fiona from Wiltshire, who’s only just had her biopsy
  • Knitting Libran – Teri from Virginia (who also has to avoid dairy and soy)
  • Pretty Pink Yarn – Aileen in Brooklyn (you’ve gone quiet, Aileen, where are you?)
  • Allyson Bright Meyer – Allyson, also very recently diagnosed
  • Anne’s Blog – Anne writes about knitting, spinning, chickening (chickens?), mothering and chocolate (great list!)
  • Knittacia’s Blog – she’s from Norway, and also does a lot of spinning
  • Stumbling Over Chaos – Chris, who has listed 100 things about herself, and 25 things about her cat, Chaos
  • Hockeymom Knits – also diagnosed this month! (Now, this is really getting spooky)
  • After Asia – by J, a free range Canadian who also writes at Gluten Free Glutton
  • Art.Music.Jaffacakes – Sairy, not officially diagnosed, but has taken herself off gluten. Can you get gluten free jaffa cakes in America, Sairy?

Anybody know of any more? Perhaps you are a gluten free knitter – do let us know, and I’ll add you to the list.

Edit: I’m adding Sasha from Seattle

  • Free Wool – Sasha from Seattle, who tells us there is a whole group of gluten free knitters at Ravelry

Edit: And here’s Celia (thanks to Chris)

Edit: And Brigitte (another friend of Chris’)

  • Wrapped around my finger – Brigitte is from Canada and is apparently also a member of the Cycling Knitters group. These knitters are definitely friendly people with a lot of interests …

Edit: And there’s more (I’m loving this)

  • Fidgety Budgie – wow, Gaile has been blogging since 2004. Now I feel like a newbie …
  • Gluten A Go Go – Sheltie Girl turns out to be a knitter as well as a seriously good GF cook.
  • Wayward Elf – Andrea is living in Zurich, and was diagnosed as coeliac last winter (were you in Zurich at the time, Andrea?)
  • Liz Knits – Does Liz knit? I’d say so – love the capelet, cardie, neckwarmer and clapotis.

Edit: And …

  • Crafty Angels – Chris from Chicago, who lives not only gluten free, but also free from dairy, and egg, and wheat, and garlic, and onion, and more, apparently! I can’t imagine having to do without garlic and onions …
  • Jesh Knits – Jesh, who has a couple of free patterns for River Tam and Simon Tam (hats) on her site. I think I’d look great in a Simon Tam …