A quickie today: I’ve just come across a really interesting post about Passover and coeliac disease here, at Forward.

It explains something I’ve never quite understood – why the really big branches of supermarkets here have a wider range of gluten free foods available around Passover. For several years now, I’ve looked forward to the Passover period – despite not being Jewish – because I’ve been able to buy big bags of ground almonds, for example. (Unless you go to a wholesaler, ground almonds come in tiny 4oz packets. If you’re cooking gluten free, and are using ground almonds as a base, these packets are ridiculously small). And just this week I picked up a kosher and gluten free chocolate chip cake for my daughter, which wouldn’t normally be available.

So, if, like me, you were at all puzzled by the spring-time variation in gluten free food availability, Elissa’s article explains a lot!