Adopt a BloggerI’ve been lucky enough to snaffle Pig in the Kitchen as an adoptee … as part of this month’s Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger event, organised by Seamaiden at the Book of Yum. No, I don’t get to keep her, not even for a month, outstanding as that would be, but I do get to talk about one of her recipes.

No doubt you’ve all come across Pig already, but if you haven’t, you have a real treat in store. Don’t hang about here – go straight there and meet her!

I really enjoy reading Pig, because she makes me laugh: this, for example, from the recipe I’ve used today

  • … until they are well risen and golden brown on top
  • Remove from the oven, exclaim in wonder, and place them onto a cooling tray
  • Dance a little jig of happiness around the kitchen and clap your hands in delight if you wish
  • Eat until you feel like a fat pig in the kitchen. In saying that I do not mean in any way to encourage gluttony, eating disorders, obesity or Type 2 diabetes. Pig in the Kitchen cannot be liable for any awfulness that may occur from overeating

No, indeed, I am entirely responsible for my own over-eating, though I do think that Pig may be the indirect cause, and that any jury of my peers would back me up on this … (that’s you! Check out the Chocolate Truffles for the Girls for additional evidence.)

And for further entertainment, read about the Good the Bad and the Dead Swan, or about her half-term report.

So, I enjoy reading Pig, but what’s more, she is a really good cook. Far better than me (there’s a reason I don’t really do recipes on this blog!)

And she’s a better photographer. Mind you, I’d have had a chance of a picture if I’d been quicker off the mark …

To go back to dancing in the kitchen for a moment, this was my second attempt at making her Archimedes bread. The first was a dismal failure – flatbreads, rather than beautifully risen golden nuggets of gluten free bread. This, I decided after some research, was because my yeast was too old, so today, a couple of weeks later, I tried again.

Ta-da! It worked. It worked so well, that they’ve all gone, I wasn’t organised enough to get a decent picture, and I have to get up extra early in the morning so I can make some more for my little gluten free glutton’s breakfast.

Thanks, Pig.