Prescribables 2009-10: downloadable list

One of you expressed an interest in a downloadable version of the prescribables list…

I try to update the prescribables list held on this site when the Prescriptions Authority update the master list each year. This year, it was updated in May. It hadn’t ever occurred to me to create a printable version for you, but here it is.

I’ve converted my page which holds this list (which is here: prescribables 2009-10) into a downloadable list with a box for ticking, to take to your doctor’s surgery when requesting a change of prescription. I haven’t managed to track down all the PIP codes yet, but if someone has them all, do let me know!

This information is taken from the Prescriptions Pricing Authority site.

I hope this is useful to somebody…

In Word (.doc): this comes out at about 6 pages long (Word version)

In Excel (.xls): also about 6 pages, but if you have Excel or OpenOffice you could hide the rows you weren’t interested in before printing, to reduce the number of pages (Excel version).

Please feel free to download, reduce the size before printing, delete the rows you’re not interested in and generally turn it into a document that works for you. I’ve saved them in an older version of Office, in the hope that that would work for most people – do let me know if there’s a problem.

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