An update on the launch of some frozen Dietary Specials products into Tesco stores…

Adam Protheroe, Frozen Foods Buyer for Tesco, has sent the following email:

As recently communicated, I have launched a selected range of Frozen Dietary Specials products into a number of Tesco stores.

In an attempt to save you having to trawl the country looking for these lines, I thought I would publish the list of stores that are stocking the range.

The following lines are now available in the 411 stores shown on the attached list :

  • Dietary Specials 2 Steak Pies
  • Dietary Specials Beef Lasagne
  • Dietary Specials Yorkshire Puddings
  • Dietary Specials Sausage Rolls
  • Dietary Specials Shortcrust Pastry Block
  • Dietary Specials Margherita Pizza

These products can be found in the Frozen aisle within/next to the Vegetarian range.

I hope that by stocking these lines, I have helped to make your shopping experience easier….and ultimately more enjoyable!

And here’s the list of Tesco stores where you can find these products: Excel spreadsheet with list of stores for download

Sadly, the two Tesco stores I visit aren’t included on the list (and the Pepperoni pizza isn’t included on the list either). But I’m sure this will be helpful to many of you. Thanks Adam!