Gluten Free Chocolate Eclairs

When I look back over the last 13 years, it’s clear that the range and availability of gluten free products has improved enormously.

Here’s an example: we recently received a box of new products from Floris Foods, including some excellent gluten free chocolate eclairs.

Now my daughter has never had a chocolate eclair before, though she’s watched her siblings enjoy a ‘normal’ version of these. And – as many of you know – it isn’t fun to watch your child putting on a brave face when unable to join in a simple pleasure. And while I’m a decent plain cook, gluten free choux pastry is outside my range. I have tried!

So I was absolutely delighted to be able to offer her something that looked the same as the others had. And, even better, she thought they were fab.

What a find! Thank you!

And it just shows how much things have moved on. I would never have imagined, a dozen years ago when I was ‘faking’ tinned spaghetti so she didn’t feel different from the other children in nursery, that this kind of treat would be available in the future. Nor can I imagine what it was like before we joined the coeliac clan back in 1997, when there was even less available…

I’ve mentioned FlorisFoods before; if you haven’t checked them out yet, then do, because they have some delicious things. (Hint: the Cacao Squares bag was empty, leaving just crumbs, within minutes. The culprit? My daughter! And the Macaroons are just amazing: soft and chewy… )

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Lucy is the mother of a coeliac, and has been managing a gluten free diet for her daughter for 20 years - though, to be fair, she does do most of it herself now...

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