Gluten free version of a Tupperware party …

… but much yummier!

My Secret Kitchen has a range of delicious-sounding products, and some interesting ideas for how to sell them.

You can buy them direct from the site, or host a tasting party (for a commission) and a consultant will come and sell the products for you. You could organise a tasting party as a fund-raiser for your favourite charity. Or you could become a consultant yourself.

What do they sell that you could eat?

Their lavender shortbread mix is gluten free (well done them!) and they suggest that you could use it as a cheesecake base or even muffins.

Other products also seem to be gluten free, though they aren’t specifically a gluten free site, and they aren’t promoting them as gluten free – missed opportunity, guys. Examples:

  • Maple caramel sauce
  • Fig pudding pickle
  • Tapenade with smoked garlic
  • Chilli chocolate fondue
  • Sunset salsa

You can buy gift packs containing a variety of different products, and they’ve even used tamari soy sauce in their miso dressing with ginger – now that’s thoughtful.

Feeling peckish yet?

They aren’t particularly cheap, but you’d get a free gift with a £15 order.

This seems like a really interesting model for selling high-end foodstuffs – and it might work particularly well for gluten free foods. What do you think?

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Lucy is the mother of a coeliac, and has been managing a gluten free diet for her daughter for 20 years - though, to be fair, she does do most of it herself now...

3 thoughts on “Gluten free version of a Tupperware party …”

  1. Fair point on the missed opportunity, however our general thought was that most people try our products through tastings in their own home, where each consultant stresses that the product is gluten-free, so people find it out in this way. Normally this is mentioned after they’ve tried it, because the aim of the mix was to make a great tasting shortbread that incidentally was gluten-free, rather than emphasise this part.
    Any other suggestions for other gluten-free products please let us know, the Lavender shortbread has sold really well so we’re thinking of introducing another gluten-free line…

    Thanks for the interest in My Secret Kitchen!

  2. Wow, Phil, that was a quick pickup on my post! I only posted it an hour or two ago …

    I take your point about the consultant leading people through the products, though people who are gluten free won’t try something without knowing that it is gluten free in advance. They may also not come to a food-type party without knowing that there will be gluten free foods available, because it’s no fun sitting watching others enjoying food.

    Yes, do introduce more gluten free goodies, please. I’ll try and remember to place an order (after Christmas!), and let people know how it goes …

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