… but much yummier!

My Secret Kitchen has a range of delicious-sounding products, and some interesting ideas for how to sell them.

You can buy them direct from the site, or host a tasting party (for a commission) and a consultant will come and sell the products for you. You could organise a tasting party as a fund-raiser for your favourite charity. Or you could become a consultant yourself.

What do they sell that you could eat?

Their lavender shortbread mix is gluten free (well done them!) and they suggest that you could use it as a cheesecake base or even muffins.

Other products also seem to be gluten free, though they aren’t specifically a gluten free site, and they aren’t promoting them as gluten free – missed opportunity, guys. Examples:

  • Maple caramel sauce
  • Fig pudding pickle
  • Tapenade with smoked garlic
  • Chilli chocolate fondue
  • Sunset salsa

You can buy gift packs containing a variety of different products, and they’ve even used tamari soy sauce in their miso dressing with ginger – now that’s thoughtful.

Feeling peckish yet?

They aren’t particularly cheap, but you’d get a free gift with a £15 order.

This seems like a really interesting model for selling high-end foodstuffs – and it might work particularly well for gluten free foods. What do you think?